Monday, November 18, 2013

When the Ministry Becomes the Mistress ~And yes, I'm going there.

The serpent is the most subtle creature....

That’s how it begins. Subtly. A meeting here, a meeting there. An added bible study.   Hospital visits. A wedding. A funeral. A crisis. A need.

The overwhelming responsibility of ministry can throw a personal life out of balance.

A missed practice. A missed recital. Game. Homework assignment. No time for date night. A makeshift birthday or anniversary. Chipped paint. High grass.  No talks. No walks. No prayer.

Just as Eve was enticed by the slithering serpent, the mundane routine of everyday life gives way to the draw of being needed. Worthy causes and legitimate demands subtly slither in, separating the oneness of the flesh like a sultry harlot maneuvering her way into the heart of a married man. And just like that, we sin. The enticing call of ministry can blur even the best of judgement.

Adultery is easily justifiable when the mistress is ministry. We begin to deny the wife of our youth with a well preached sermon. The new worship set captivates us more than her love. The satisfaction of her breasts is not as enticing as a church fellowship because prudence is now enticement...with rubies. She is not as precious.  She is submissive to another husband, committee, class. And just like that, we sin.

But we have to meet the needs of the people, right? Did God not call us to be the salt of the Earth? Preach the Gospel to the nations? Feed the hungry? Take care of the widows and orphans? Yes, and yes. However, he has first called us all to our homes.  

The breakdown of God’s example of the family stems from subtle deceits. Be not deceived friends. Secret desires to be seduced by flattering lips can cost you your life.