Friday, January 28, 2011

Why I don't do church potluck (anymore)

Simple.  Everybody cain't cook!!!  I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but it's true.  You're my favorite Sunday School teacher, but nobody REALLY likes your pineapple cheese ball thingy!!  I'm just saying....

Church has always been a place of peace and rest for me.  It is where we all go to refuel, replenish and be restored.  After a wonderful sermon, great worship, and numerous hugs and kisses from dear friends, it's only natural to culminate the day with great food and fellowship.

This is where old school aunts and grandmas who can hook up a casserole on a moment's notice with ANYTHING in the pantry typically come in and make our Sunday complete.  Colored glass containers with matching lids spread in an array of cheesy, buttery, and meaty goodness usually cover one table. Next to it would be another full table of homemade desserts that would make your mouth water.   But in my recent experiences the old schoolers have taken a back seat and are often caught supporting the new school cooks. (Something about Titus 2??)

I'm all for older women teaching the younger women, but must it be for Sunday dinner?  Can't they do a marriage class or childcare something?  I'm stuck with some semi-homemade dish in an alluminum pan.  Or some skimpy chicken salad with foreign seasoning on top and no flavor.  How about all the crackers, cheese, and fruit? The mystery mixes and dips?  And I just may snap if I see one more bag of tortilla chips!!! Come on girls, fire up that stove!  Bust out that Corningware!  Leave the chips for the college students to bring. Save your "skinny" chicken salad for the Womens' ministry luncheon.  On potluck day, cook something in a pot!!

And please don't forget....put the "good" greens on the Pastor's table!  *wink*

Hey, it's how I was razed......

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