Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OMG, did you learn anything I taught you?

For JT~

As a Christian parent doing her best to raise great kids, I often find myself wondering if anything I've taught has actually been learned!  All the prayers, bible studies, classes, and books seem to fade into the distance as disrespect, rebellion, and slothfulness subtly creeps in.  Where are my perfect children?  Have they learned anything? Well friends, the answer is yes.  In my years of experience, there are some lessons that yield a quick return on investment.  You don't have to write your memoirs to see God's faithfulness. He will give you a glimpse.....

5 Things they actually did learn

1.  They make their beds at sleepovers.  I have learned that generally, disciplined kids have good home training.  Yep, they know better.  The socks in the floor, the crumpled bedspread, and the pizza under the bed is only at your house.  Believe it or not, your kids are on their best behavior when they go somewhere else. 

2.  They don't call other kids names. That whole disrespect thing is reserved for brothers and sisters only.  Your kid will  treat others with respect.  That sibling rivalry doesn't necessarily transfer to friendships.  Kids will respect their friends and give them the opportunity to fail before passing judgement.  They also respect authority.  They take to heart what their teachers or pastors say to them and honor that leadership.

3. They won't embarrass you in public. For the most part, your kids will protect the family name.  If you have a strong-willed kid, this one may take longer to manifest.  But just keep praying as I did for my zealous son: "Lord, let that ZEAL be used for you."  Eventually friend, that wild child will learn boundaries and priorities and refocus that energy into something God can use.

4.  They dream big.  Don't be discouraged parents. That melancholy Eeyore hiding in his room wants to be something special.  Don't let that perception of non motivation bring you down.  That child has big dreams.  He wants to be something special. She wants to make it big.  It may be that they have a fear factor or nervousness as to how to turn that dream into reality.  And PLEASE my dear friend, don't discourage that child because of your ignorance!!  Expose he or she to different cultures, careers, and climates.  This may require some out of the box thinking and planning on your part.  It may require a little googling, but don't negate what God has stirred inside your child because of your unfamiliarity. 

5.  They love God.  I have saved the best for last.  It is on the bottom because it is the firm foundation to everything.  Yes, my friends.  Your child loves God and has an innate desire to please him.  It is why we were all created. So keep praying, studying the word and teaching scriptures to your child. Their life depends on it. 

It's how I was razed....

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