Friday, February 11, 2011

5 reasons not to bother your Pastor's wife

1.  She ain't the Pastor!!  Stop calling her asking her to make decisions concerning money, the church vision, and counseling.  That's her husband's job.  You didn't elect her, ordain her, nor approve her, so stop bothering her!

2.  You don't really like her anyway, so stop pretending to be her friend. We ALL know that her husband is most likely not the candidate you voted for, or who the Lord "spoke" to you, so you started out mad at him in the first place.  She was just a bonus victim.  Stop planning to take her to bogus lunches and girlfriend events.  Just say "hi" and "bye" and move on. 

3.You always need a good travel agent.  What Pastor's wife doesn't like to travel, host girly events, or bring you great rock bottom prices!!  It's cheaper to keep her!

4. YOUR jealousy is not HER problem. Her fabulosity is God-given. She can't help that she is syrupy sweet, well groomed and well versed.  God has blessed her.  Try to view it as an asset to you and your church.  Perfection is hard to achieve. Just be grateful you have that caliber woman in your presence. 

5.  You need her!  Don't burn your bridges.  That woman may be the only lifeline you have. She can go to the Pastor and in desperate God.  Make no mistake about it, your Pastor's wife knows the Lord.  Don't let that smile and that designer bag fool you.  She's been on those knees interceding for you!! So be nice.

Hey, I'm just saying

It's how I was razed....


  1. Sounds like the voice of experience, Dawnita.....? Well-done, girl. ILY, Kris Malloy

  2. hahahahaha....I found you on Faithful bloggers where I read the why you don't wear something or other to church anymore! Funny stuff, but oh so much truth to it:)
    I am a MPK....know what that is? Missionary-Pastor's kid! The worst ever!
    I am your newest follower and anytime I have to laugh about "the Christian way" I will be back here to read what you have to say :)
    thanks for your honesty and humor

  3. My dear Cindy...this blog is for you!! Bless your MPK heart! Thank you for the love and encouragement. As I tell my friends often, "you can't make this stuff up!" I'm sure you can relate. That's why I LOVE my God!! Blessings to you! ~Dawn

  4. Hi Dawn, I really like it when people are real. I have no time for all the fluff so I like your outlook. Its good to have a sense of humour especially a God given one. I'll definitely be back for a laugh and I'm sure plenty wisdom. God bless, TKT