Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Everybody's got a little bit of crazy in 'em

It takes my husband longer to dry off after a shower than it does for him to actually take the shower. He has to have EVERY drop of water on his body dried before he steps out. 

My sister doesn't eat meat off a bone.

I have to be the first to get some banana pudding because I hate when it starts to darken.  My fried fish has to be less than 3 minutes old, or I won't eat it. And I don't eat at restaurants with poor landscaping or chipped paint. 

Have you ever wondered why people have such odd habits and idiosyncrasies? Why are they so quirky?  It's simple. Everybody has a little bit of crazy in 'em.

It's nothing to be alarmed about or end a friendship over.  Just accept it and move on.  Actions that seem crazy to you and I, may not seem so crazy to someone else.....

 For many years I tried to figure out why honor students would choose to be teachers,  successful working women would stay home with their children, and skilled professionals would put in extra hours at church for free. I've known folks that have spent tens of thousands of dollars on specialized degrees from private colleges only to  deny it and go into outreach ministry for A LOT less pay!!  (wink, wink)

It finally occurred to me that maybe these are the people whose lives God has interrupted only to say, "Now that you've done you, and that didn't work , let's try something better, let's do me." These are the crazy faith people.  They are the people you see passing out sandwiches, tutoring after school, building houses, flying to foreign countries, taking in orphans, and writing checks. When you ask them why, they have no REAL reason other than  they felt God on the inside leading them to do it.  

In case you haven't figured it out yet, that's where the REAL blessing the giving. The sacrifice. Just as God took radical action to give his only son to die for our redemption.   When we learn to deny ourselves in an effort to help someone else experience Christ, we begin the process of what God commissioned his followers to do in Matthew 28 ( "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations....").  Crazy faith leads to radical action. It takes radical action to bring followers to Christ. 

How are you/ your church exercising "crazy faith?"

How has it changed you personally?

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  1. I just found your blog by the recommendation of someone else. I love your "voice"! I talk a little about my own anxiety and "crazy" here:

    (I'm a minister's wife, too ;-) )
    I look forward to reading more. I really like your most recent post, too. I hope you don't mind me sharing.